Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions

  • PHONE 1300 445 246
  • Bins are not to be filled above the rim – nothing is to protrude above the rim at all. If bin is overfilled we retain the right to remove items as necessary in order to make it legal to transport. These items will be placed next to or near the bin and we do not need to contact you to advise we are doing this. If this is not possible to do for whatever reason, we may tip the contents of the bin back onto your property without a refund of any kind. In such case we are not liable for any damage incurred to your property / vehicles.
  • Please ensure there is a clear path to the drop off or pick up point of the skip bin on the arranged day we are due at your property. Please ensure there is no cars etc. blocking truck access to the bin. Please note that the truck has to reverse into the same position to collect the bin as he did when he delivered the bin. After loading the bin (which adds weight and lowers the truck’s stance) he may also need to take a larger swing or angle when leaving certain properties to stop the body of the truck scraping on the ground. There are other numerous reasons that may require the driver to take a slightly different angle at times to collect the bin safely. In ANY circumstance regarding delivery or collection of a skip bin, Hill’s Skip Bins accepts no responsibility for damage to your property including but not limited to grass, driveway, gardens, trees, carports etc. The driver will advise the safest position in which to drop the bin upon delivery. You may negotiate with him if you feel you would rather it in a different position but in such case you take on the risk and associated damage costs if applicable for any damage incurred to yours or council property as a result. Please keep in mind the trucks can get bogged very easily on wet grass (even weeks after it has rained) and you risk damage to your property and / or nature strips upon collection of bin if it has rained between delivery and collection of your bin including ruts/tyre tracks/holes in your grass etc.
  • ALL futile delivery or collection attempts will incur a fee of $100.00 (subject to change without notice) per delivery or collection attempt.
  • Please make sure there are no possible situations that could incur waiting time for the driver upon delivery/collection. Some examples are: customer cars parked in the way, no one answering the door, no one home yet, contractors or 3rd parties parked in the way, an item in the way, you need to go to ATM to get cash for driver etc.
  • If you would like to cancel your order on the day of delivery, upon delivery or after delivery you will incur a $100.00 fee. If you change your mind in regard to the size of the bin required once the bin is already loaded onto the truck or once it arrives at your property, you will incur a $100.00 fee for us to make a second delivery to your property with the different bin. If you are not finished with the bin when we arrive to collect it on the specified day, you will incur a $100.00 call out fee if you did not call us to ask for an extension (and the extension was approved).
  • ALL extra/excess/futile/demurrage etc fees that are charged to your credit/debit card are done so without verbal contact. Receipt will be emailed/mailed after any charge is made.
  • Once the skip bin has been delivered it may not be moved for any reason. If the skip bin is moved there may be a need to drag it back into the original position in order for the driver to pick it up. In such case, we accept no liability for damage caused to your property / vehicles etc. If it is moved into a position that causes damage to our truck whilst trying to collect it, you will be liable for the damage. If our truck gets bogged due to the bin being moved or for any other reason that is out of our control, you will be liable for heavy vehicle recovery costs.
  • Whilst the skip bin is in your care, you assume all responsibility for it. If the bin is damaged, you will be held liable for repair costs.
  • If the incorrect waste type is loaded into the bin (e.g. asbestos found in a general waste bin, concrete found in a green bin etc.), we reserve the right to charge you extra for correct disposal costs at the disposal facility. If the excess payment is not organised we reserve the right to return the contents of the skip bin back to your property without a refund of any kind. PLEASE NOTE IF ASBESTOS IS FOUND IN A BIN AFTER TIPPING A $300.00 REDELIVERY FEE WILL BE CHARGED AND THE COMPLETE CONTENTS OF THE BIN WILL BE RETURNED FOR THE ASBESTOS TO BE REMOVED . EXTRA HIRE CHARGES MAY APPLY.
  • A council permit may be required to place the skip bin on any council land, including nature strips and the road. Please contact your local council to check the requirements if you require the skip bin to be placed on any council land. The customer assumes all responsibility for any fines incurred if no permit has been acquired when needed. A $100.00 call out fee is payable if we arrive for delivery, you request the bin to be placed on council land and then reject delivery when we refuse to place the bin on council land without a permit.
  • Standard hire is for up to a 7 day period unless stated otherwise in writing.
  • We reserve the right to list any default payments with relevant credit reference agencies which will affect your official credit rating.
  • By ordering and / or accepting the skip bin, you agree to these terms and conditions.